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Fall 2014 fashion: Scout’s ham costume from To Kill A Mockingbird


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Make your Wi-Fi password something like, “DoYouWantToKiss.” That way, if you ever have a girl over and she asks for the password, you’ll get the chance to ask her if she wants to kiss you. If she tells you that she doesn’t, you’ll be able to recover gracefully by saying, “No, you…

"   If you’re under 30 and in a relationship right now, and you’re not head over heels, get out. You are way too young to be wasting your time with someone who doesn’t make you really happy to be with them every day. There’s nothing sadder than watching 23-year-olds settle.   "
Carolyn Hall, 17 Thoughts for Single Women From A Divorcee (via silhouettesofspilledink)


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alternate ending to tfios

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